Hurt Poetry in Urdu Hindi and English: 06/04/12

The pain of not seeing you hurts deep inside. Follow me to the edge of every sunset

I closed my eyes and tried to reach you

With my muddled brain but I couldn't see you.

Your image suddenly blurred and I'm terrified
The pain of not seeing you hurts deep inside.

Follow me to the edge of every sunset
I know my heart will never ever forget.
Reach for me beyond the farthest rainbow
My heart will recognize you and it will know.

That its keeper have come to its rescue
It will never be alone again and be blue.
The mere whisper of my name revives me
The soft sound of your voice assures me.

That I am yours as you are mine
Heaven conspired for our hearts to intertwine.
And when I open my eyes finally someday
I know you'll be here, right next to me.

 And her heart was broken into a thousand pieces, and upon each one was written his name

Love is like the truth, sometimes it prevails, sometimes it hurts.

 Be Emotionally Attached 2 Someone But

Never Be Emotionally Addicted 2 Any 1 BCoz

It Hurts Wen U Realize That There Is No Reverse Addiction.!

 Walking alone is not difficult

But when we have

walked a mile with someone

Then coming back alone

that is more DIFFICULT..


When I close my eyes I see you.When I open my eyes I want to see you.
When you are not near, 

I miss your presence every where, every moment, every time ...
So many people can love, 

but no one can love you like I do... because they don't have 'You' to love ...
You taught me how to love;

you taught me how to live; you taught me how to; you taught me how to cry,
but when you left, you forgot to teach me how to forget you ...

I can never forget you, 

I don't want to forget you. You are mine, I'll love you whole my life, 

till I die and even after... forever ♥ ♥ 

 Nobody In The World

Can Have A Crystal Clear Heart.!!


Everyone’s Heart Has Some Scratches

Scribbled By Their Dear Ones


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