Hurt Poetry in Urdu Hindi and English: 10/19/12

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~~ us ne apni khushi ki khatir mere -dil- ke tukre tukre kar diye....

     lekin khud hi roo parha har tukre par apna naam dekh kar....
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     Aapni   muhabat ka kuch ""Haq Ada '''' kar doo....

     Hamary naam apni kuch ''''Wafa ''' kar dooo....

     Agar yee'''Mumkin''' mhi tere lye tu....!!!

     Apni '''yadoon'' koo mujh se ''Juda'' kar dooo.....

     Do bol '''muhabaat'' k bol kar....!!!

     Meri''Muhabaat'' ki aasan ''rah'' kar doo....

     Rafta rafta ja rahy hain '''Mout'' ki traf...

      Mujhy''bachany'' k lye''Zindgi'' ki ''Dua'' kar doo...

     Aisa nahi kar skte agr tum tu....

     '''Humesha''' k lye mujhy duniya se ''Alwida'' kar dooo......!!!!

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poetry daily, URDU

          Chooryaan hath mein thin

         aur hathon mein uska haath b tha

          sham-e-tanhayi bhi thi

          rung aur noor ki barsaat b thi

          mosamon ka junoon urooj per tha

         dharkanon per b ikhtiyar na tha

        uski madhosh nigahon mein talab pyar ka tha

        kaanpte hathon se uske shugufta hathon mein

       choorhyaan mujhse na pehnayi gayin

       haan mager hath ghayal ho hi gaye

      usne nazerein jhuka kar itna hi kaha

      jayiye aapse nahi bolti

     aapse itna bhi nahi hota..

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     Judai se mara wo bhi nhi min bhi nhi.
    Dono insan hen khuda wo bhi nhi min bhi nhi.
   Wo mujhe or min use ilzam dete hen magar.
   Apne andar jhankta wo bhi nhi min bhi nhi.

   Zamane ne kar diya dono min peda ikhtlaaf.
   Warna fitrat ka bura wo bhi nhi min bhi nhi.

   Mukhtalif simton min dono ka safar jari raha.
   Aik lamhe ko ruka wo bhi nhi min bhi.

    Chahte dono bht hen aik dusre ko magar.
    Ye haqiqat manta wo bhi nhi min bhi nhi.

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    Din nikle to soch alag.
   Sham dhale wajdan alag.
   Umeed alag,
   Aas alag,
   Sukoon alag,
   Tufan alag,

   Tashbeeh don to kis se?
   K tere husn ka har rang alag.
   Neel alag,
   Zamrad alag,
  Yaqoot alag,
   Marjaan alag,

   Teri ulfat k taqaze bhi.
   Ajab andaz k the.
   Iqrar alag,
   Takrar alag,
   Tazeem alag,
   Farman alag,

   Agar sath nhi de sakte.
  To bant do yakjan lamhe.
   Masroor alag,
   Nidhal alag,
   Purkaif alag,
  Pareshan alag,

   Waqt-e-rukhsat jab.
   Alwida ka lafz kehne laga.
   Ansu alag,
   Muskan alag,
   Betab alag,
   Haijan alag,

  Jab chor gya tab.
  Dekha apni ankhon ka rang.
  Hairan alag,
  Pasheman alag,

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urdu poems

     Dekho yune na tanha udaas raha karo.

    Tum dard se dil belao koi ghazal kaha karo.

    Suna hai ishq dard o dawa donoon hi ka sabbab hai.

    Ab tum bhi koi dawa karo dard hi na saha karo....

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Kissi Se Juda Hona Agar Itna Asan Hota "FARAZ"

Jism Se Rooh Ko Lenay Kabhi Farishtay Na Atayyyy.....!!!

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Kuch Umr Ki
PehLi ManziL Thi,
Kuch Rastay Thy
Anjaan Bohat,
Kuch Hum Bhi
PagaL Thy Lekin,
Kuch Wo Bhi Thy
Naadan Bohat,
Kuch Uss nay Bhi
Na Samjhaya,
Ye Piyar Nahi
Aasaan Bohat,
Aakhir Hum ne
Bhi KhaiL Liya,
Jis KhaiL Mein Thy,
Nuqsaan Bohat,
Jab bikhar gaye
tab ye jana,
aaty hain yahan
toofan Bohat,
ab koi nahi
jo apna ho,
milny ko to hain
insan Bohat,
A "kaash" wo
wapas aa jaye,
ye dil hy ab........!!!!!

urdy sad poetry

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English poem love

   The day we first met,
   I can really never forget..
   You were sitting in the first row,I came near you
   and all I could say was a "HELLO!!"
   "Wats ur name" I asked with a smile
   ****** came the reply after a short while...

   The time passed and we became friend..
   Those best days of life that never seems to end.
   Those laughs we had together,
   Those secrets we share...
   Whenever I needed a friend
   You were always there to care..

   That flirting on the phone,
   that time we spent alone..
   That million sorries I say,
   You forgived them howsoever big they may.

   Those little moments I just can't forget,
   that passing of smile whenever we met.
  That last bench "TRUTH AND DARE",
  and the fake proposal to anyone out there.

  Sweet memories with you my friend,
  will never let my happiness end.
  Joys and sorrows we shared together,
  Smiles or tears it hardly even matter..

  Back in those days my life was bright,
  with your charm and in your light..
  You said "We are frnds forever"
  I said "I'll also leave you never".

  Time is approaching where we must depart,
  the four years of smiles to remember and promise in our hearts.
  frnds till the end is wat we will be,
  someday we'll be together... together "U and ME"

   Few days we will be together,then we have to part away..
  but memories of you in my heart forever will stay.
  Though time has forced to part our ways,
  i'll think of you in all my coming days...!!

English Sad Poetry


   Driven by constant hope
   We live each moment of our life
   We are taught to dig out the scope
   And never to let ourselves down with strife.
  We believe it going to get better
   We feel that fate can nvr be that cruel
   But then at the end of the day?s clutter
   We realise it was nothing but a cold, messy gruel
    Like the generations before us
   We were deceived
   It was like a bus we never caught
   Something denied after an ever-lasting wait
   When u turn to the last page of likfe
   You realise there was nothing miraculous in there
   It was a long drama of misery
   With intermissions of happiness?
   -a dejected soul
   pls pen down ur comments guys...

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English Poetry Love

         Never accept the defination of your life frm others.
         it is your life define it by yourself.
         the way you love.
         the way you hate.
         the way you sacrificed.
         the way you forgive.
spoken word poetry

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   Your words vibrate through my soul
   Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go
   My heart has been hit
   You need to know
  My friends flash warnings
   Love and concern casts their doubts
   How could I know
   They steer me away
   In the shadows I stay
   Not letting go
   My mind has lost control
   I just don’t know
  Ulterior motives
   Player on the move
  All possibilities
  What do I have to lose
  I voice my fears
   Heart already shakes and quivers
   You listen and feel
   “Patience” you reveal
  I’m scared
   I’m excited
   I’m anxious
   I’m delighted
  Emotions unlocked
   I let you in
   Feelings enhanced
   There’s no return
  Your words sing to me
   Time soars by
   I’m entranced by you
   Pure laughter and joy
  I feel a great loss
   When we’re unable to talk
   I can never get enough
   You’ve become a part of me............!!!!

love poetry

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   the other day, while fencing my heart,

   i chanced upon an impossible dream,

   it rose, in beauty, on feet of hope

   and embraced a teardrop out of me?

  with hurried steps i rushed away,

  to find my mask, my book of sense.

   to invalidate my yesterday.

   then turned to build my trusted fence.

  there it lies unto this day,

   un-nurtured, neglected, growing still,

   i hoped it gone, wished it away,

   but there it stays against my will.

  i leave it at the gallows, pronounce it dead,

  but come event of tender mind,

   i look back and find it there.

  only a few steps behind?

 beguilingly tangible? agonizingly beautiful?

  mercilessly invisible to all but me.

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